Monday, August 27, 2007

MusicfestNW - Friday 9/7

Part kajillion and one in the Great Show Plague of 2007 series. Here are my picks and some links to good mp3 blogs for Friday at MusicfestNW.

5:30 p.m. Grizzly Bear
Audio Cinema
Grizzly Bear - Knife (Girl Talk mix)
Grizzly Bear - On A Neck, On A Spit
Grizzly Bear - Owner Of A Lonely Heart
Grizzly Bear - Knife [Live][YouTube][YouTube][Live]
Grizzly Bear - He Hit Me

9 p.m. Grand Ole Party
Crystal Ballroom
Grand Ole Party - Look Out Young Son

10 p.m. Tiny Vipers
Doug Fir
Tiny Vipers - On This Side
Tiny Vipers - Shipwreck

11 p.m. Rilo Kiley
Crystal Ballroom
In finding these mp3s, I've also found some shockingly bad Rilo Kiley songs I hadn't heard before, and the implication on a couple blogs that the new album isn't good. Uh oh.
Rilo Kiley - Does He Love You?
Rilo Kiley - Plane Crash In C
Rilo Kiley - The Good That Won't Come Out
Rilo Kiley - Ripchord [Live]
Rilo Kiley - Science vs. Romance

Midnight. Copy
Copy - Zipper Problems
Copy - Closet Face
Copy - This Is Promotional
Copy - Plagiarhythm
Copy - Afro Oven

1 a.m. Dan Deacon
I've never taken an illegal drug, but judging by the "Crystal Cat" video, if you're gonna start, before a Dan Deacon show's the time to do it.
Dan Deacon - Snake Mistakes
Dan Deacon - Crystal Cat [YouTube]
Dan Deacon - When I Was Taller
Dan Deacon - Pink Batman
Dan Deacon - Lion With A Sharks Head

Here's Bumbershoot Saturday 9/1, Sunday 9/2, and Monday 9/3. Then there's MusicfestNW Thursday 9/6 and Saturday 9/8. One more short day of MusicfestNW to post, and then I hope there's never another music festival ever again.

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