Monday, May 28, 2007

Web pages that play music

If your web page/blog/MySpace page plays music at me just because I made the mistake of visiting it, I'm closing it without reading a word and I'm never coming back. The reasons are these:
1. Your taste in music is not good.
2. My taste in music is awesome, and thus, I am already listening to some. Your bad music does not magically quadrophonically synch with my awesome music.
3. If I'm not listening to music, someone in my vicinity is either asleep or judgemental.
4. You do not respect me as a person, so why should I care about your political opinion/band/family happenings/music festival?

I reserve an almost similar level of wrath for people who direct me to such pages with no warning.

1 comment:

Thomas J. Brown said...

5. I'm at work. You bastard.

As a web designer, it's no great mystery that I hate MySpace pages for that very reason. Oh, and also that 99.9% of the people with MySpace pages know nothing about web design, but think they do.

There's a very good reason why, when people ask me to look at their web page and tell them what I think, I almost always say no.