Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Why I hate Republicans, part two

If you follow the bouncing ball, the insane anti-Clinton jihad by Republicans led directly to the rape and murder of two women.

That is: Republicans, including Republican Presidential candidate Mike Huckabee, were so filled with their insane hatred of Bill Clinton that they became rabid supporters of Wayne DuMond, convicted of raping Clinton's distant cousin. Arkansas Republicans decided that DuMond was railroaded by the eeeevil Clintons. Huckabee pressured a parole board to release convicted rapist DuMond, DuMond was released, and DuMond raped and murdered two more women.

Before I got to the Clinton angle, I wondered why Huckabee pushed so hard for DuMond's release. Then I saw the Clinton angle and it all made sense.

Republicans hated Bill Clinton so much that two women died.

Hat tips: HuffPo, Digby, Atrios.

(Here was Part One of what looks to be a long and ugly series.)

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