Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Day resources online

NPR Election Map
Jumping the gun like ABC, but not quite as much.

ABC Election Map
First place I saw the number of counted votes for Obama and McCain, when it was down around 13,000. Cool.

MSNBC Decision '08 Dashboard
NBC has said they'll only call the race when the chance of getting it wrong is less than 1 in 200 according to statisticians. Their maps also show key Congressional races. You can tweak the page so it shows the information you want and leaves off the junk about what Cindy McCain wore to the polls. I had a link to their video stream, but I clicked it and it was goddamn Pat Buchanan. So that's out.

Twitter Vote Report Map
Maps of people's voting experiences as reported to Twitter.

Twitter Election
A lot of nonsense, but really the absolutest fastest way to get interesting new information when it isn't nonsense.

Video the Vote
Shows real people voting, or rather, waiting in ridiculous seven hour lines to vote. With two kids. On the one hand, those people are awesome. On the other hand, I hope more states switch to voting by mail like we do in Oregon.

Huffington Post Roundup
A collection of widgets and geegaws I've not yet mined, but am looking forward to investigating.

Is Obama President?

CNN Live Stream
Watch CNN online.

Completely unscientific, but if you like Obama, totally gratifying.

CNN Election Tracker
A summary of polls. I'm not sure if they'll update it with exit polls when those come in after 5 p.m., but I'll be checking this to see if they do.

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