Monday, February 23, 2009

Blog status update

I'm deciding how best to separate code posts from music posts from angry political rants. Appreciator will return to its originally-scheduled cultural programming soon. Hope to see any readers who've encountered this tumbleweed of a blog then!


Mike Grove said...

Hey hey! Excited to see the new posts come pouring in. I hope to learn something about programming from your musings.

So far the new job is spyware free, but leaves my mind and eyes a smoking ruin each day. I hope Epiq is still living up to its' name without me. I miss you guys, as well as the total lack of accountability over there. Keep the fire.

- Mike

Jami said...

Ha ha. New posts.


I'd like to write something about using C++ to write apps for Linux mobile phones, 'ceptin I ain't figgered most of that out yet, which generally helps in blogging a thing.

Epiq news:
You are missed as well, though I'm getting in a full extra five minutes of studying at lunch now.

Katie quit smoking and was doing pretty well at it, but she wasn't at work yesterday. Case of the Mondays or sudden escape?

They've instituted Byzantine accountability measures involving a buddy system. Too many staples too many times, it seems.

They re-hired an entire roomful of people. This batch includes more older white guys who look like they've been laid off from 30-year careers. Oh Bush economy, you devil.

Mike Grove said...

Hah. Sounds fun. The buddy system sounds super effective, too, like every other rocking idea they've had at that company. As for the old white dudes, I wonder if they're just the only ones who could pass the drug test. It seems like we had a lot of people come and go in the time it would take to get their results back out there.

I've actually hopped again to working in a mail room downtown now. It's more asinine (somehow) and awkward than working at Epiq, but it pays slightly better and there are lunch options aside from Taco Time, so I consider it a lateral move.

As for the Linux apps...that sounds kind of awesome. I honestly didn't even know there were phones using Linux as an OS, but that makes the nerd in me swell with pride. My offer to obsessively play and critique any game you create still stands, by the way.

Hope you rock out classes and start designing websites soon, far, far away from Epiq.

Anonymous said...
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