Sunday, December 19, 2010

Uploading a Drupal module using TortoiseCVS

I just added the yolink enhanced search module to

The last hurdle in getting this module out in the world was adding it to CVS, which I prefer to do using the Tortoise CVS GUI. Following these directions, everything was going great. And it would have gone great right through to the end, but in the Create New Module step, I missed the part where I changed the path to the module. My module wasn't showing up in the contributions directory, and I kept getting errors that adding a branch wasn't allowed in /module_name.

Lots of Googling and some fail-dread-based procrastination later, I found this video, paused after every sentence, and managed not to skim over the critical module path setting. CVS let me add a branch with no errors in sight (cue angels singing the name of kyl191).

If you're looking to add a module to with TortoiseCVS, both of the linked sets of directions should work -- if you follow them!

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