Thursday, August 30, 2007

1998 Hogue Syrah - 98

Standard cheapish nose, but the mouth! Rich and powerful (like I like 'em...) -- spicy, thick, heavy, and a dignified fruit at the end -- is it fig? berry? grape? Every time it's a bit different. I want more. But it was a gift, likely bought at a nice wine shop near the Pike Place market in Seattle (likely in the $20 range), and I can't find it online at all.
It's easy to find other Hogue wines in the grocery store, but they vary, down to about a 70 rating for me, I think, so I probably won't spend $14 a bottle just to see if I like the closest thing I found, a 2001 Hogue Syrah.

This is the second post in a planned series to see if I can track down my favorite wines online, for stockpiling purposes. Previously:
2000 Salice Salentino - 100


Thomas J. Brown said...

Sounds like a great wine! Since it came from Seattle, I guess that means there's a chance I can find it here in Spokane. I'll let you know if I have any luck.

By the way, I linked to your blog from my blog for BlogDay!

Jami said...

ohmigosh, thank you! i'm just getting into blogging (again...), so i'm not up on blog things yet, but i'm honored.

hogue's everywhere in the northwest, i think, but again, some varieties and vintages are better than others. your results may vary, but i bet the syrahs stay good from year to year.