Thursday, August 23, 2007

Bumbershoot 2007 - Sunday 9/2

Day 2 of Bumbershoot is kinda gappy, but the bands I do want to see, I reallyreally wanna see. Mssrs. Bird and Banhart, I'm looking at you.

12:30-1:30 The Trucks
Sound Transit stage
At first listen, The Trucks' songs about women as humans with thoughts outside the male porn mandate reminded me of Peaches and Le Tigre (with echoes of their sexy feminist forebears PJ Harvey and Liz Phair). I'm fer it.
The Trucks - Titties
The Trucks - Old Bikes
The Trucks - Zombie
The Trucks - 3am

1:30-2:15: Henry Gallery Satellite
I really don't like the Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, and haven't found mp3s yet for Ian McFeron or Victor Noriega, so I'll check out the Henry Gallery Satellite (and Rude Mechanicals if I have time).

2:15-3:15: The Watson Twins
Sound Transit stage
Jenny Lewis with The Watson Twins - Happy [YouTube]
Jenny Lewis with The Watson Twins - You Are What You Love [YouTube]
The Watson Twins - I Summon You
Jenny Lewis with The Watson Twins - Born Secular
Jenny Lewis with The Watson Twins - Rabbit Fur Coat

3:30-4: The Fucking Eagles
Sky Church
The Fucking Eagles - When Will I Be Loved
The Fucking Eagles - Baby, I'm Coming Home

4-5: Stars of Track and Field
Sound Transit stage
Stars of Track and Field - Fantastic
Stars of Track and Field - With You [YouTube]

5-5:45: Iceage Cobra
Sky Church
Iceage Cobra is like Led Zeppelin on meth with a 13-year-old Eddie Vedder on vocals. That is, it's effed up in a not completely bad way.
Iceage Cobra - Tornado of Knives
Iceage Cobra - Weapon of Mass Seduction
Iceage Cobra - We Gotta Move

5:45-6:45: Apples in Stereo
Sound Transit stage

Apples in Stereo - Stephen, Stephen [YouTube]
Apples in Stereo - Energy [YouTube]

7-7:30 Vau de Vire Society
Fountain Lawn
I can't find mp3s for Ian Ball or Book of Black Earth yet, so perhaps I'll check out the Vau de Vire Society.

7:30-8: Art Brut
Sound Transit stage
"My Little Brother" is great. It inspired me to get my little sister on iLike and, which inspired me to post an exhaustive series of recommendation posts (which "series" consists, thus far, of one). Art Brut's songs frequently involve an irrational love of music. I can relate. This is one of the painful choices of the festival, but I'll have to cut my time watching Art Brut short to see Andrew Bird.
Art Brut - My Little Brother
Art Brut - People in Love
Art Brut - Fight!
Art Brut - Pump Up The Volume [Live]
Art Brut - Emily Kane [YouTube]

8-10: Andrew Bird
Starbucks stage
Andrew Bird - Nervous Tic Motion of the Head to the Left [Live] [Live] [YouTube]
Andrew Bird - Sovay [YouTube][Live][Live]
Andrew Bird - Heretics
Andrew Bird - Imitosis [Live]
Andrew Bird - Masterfade [Live]

Also: He's the one they're calling Dr. Stringz.

9:30-10:45: Devendra Banhart
Sound Transit stage
Devendra Banhart
Tim Broddin
Devendra Banhart - Quedate Luna
Devendra Banhart - Little Yellow Spider [YouTube]
Devendra Banhart - The Body Breaks [YouTube]
Devendra Banhart - Will Is My Friend
Devendra Banhart - This Beard Is For Siobhan [YouTube]

My plans for Bumbershoot Saturday are here, and for Monday, here.

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