Monday, August 27, 2007

My favorite podcast

When Jordan, Jesse GO! successfully transnavigates the Internet to land on my computer, I clear my busy unemployment schedule and have a listen. But because the (generous volunteer) forum moderator hates me and wouldn't let me register to vote for perhaps my favorite animal the sloth (apparently white women from the Northwest aged 32 were on the caging list) in their zoo animal contest (did I mention I'm unemployed?), I have to talk about them here behind their backs.

From this week's show:
1. I'm right there with Jesse on the "eh eh eh" by The Cranberries (in "Zombie") and "Um-ba-rella" (by Rihanna). I'm interested in knowing who the third person who knows what the hell he was talking about is.
2. Spurrilous, used by Jesse to describe the suspicion I share with caller Amy that women's opinions are not valued in the animal competition, is an awesome new word.
3. Jesse, wedding advice:
a. I went to a wedding recently with tamales, and they were fantastic! They also had flan instead of wedding cake, and it was amaaazing. The bride and groom had biked around to get free samples from caterers, and they sure found a winner. This was in New Mexico, though, not California. Another big success for wedding food was pulled pork sandwiches at my cousin's wedding, but my aunt said something about how she'd spent all night pulling pork. So for pulled pork sandwiches, you have to find someone who both loves you irrationally (such as your mother) and has mad cooking skills.

b. Register at Amazon! I bet some of your dozens of geek listeners would enjoy giving you amusing Christmas tree ornaments and the like.

c. Definitely have an opinion! Good advice by the caller. My fiance couldn't care less about the wedding. This comes across as: doesn't want to get married. I fucking hate my upcoming wedding, too, but I do want to get married enough to engage in some minimal half-assed planning.

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Jesse Thorn said...

technorati search for jordan jesse go lead me here.

was having some probs with forum membership confirmations re: spam, but gave up on hand confirming, re-register and you can confirm yourself.