Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Iceage Cobra at Bumbershoot

Iceage Cobra
My cousin worshiped Iron Maiden in the eighties. I didn't know what to think of his head-banging at junior high dances in 1989. The lead singer of Iceage Cobra has moves I haven't seen since those dances. (My fiance kindly pointed out that the kids in Iceage Cobra probably weren't born in 1989.)

Metal besides Poison and Black Sabbath falls into the deep gaps in my own musical knowledge. I can't name an Iron Maiden song. So my very simplistic theory is that the lead singer of Iceage Cobra loves Black Sabbath and the lead guitar loves Led Zeppelin. You can hear them both in Iceage Cobra, though what I'm calling "Black Sabbath" may well be Danzig or any number of things I haven't heard enough of (yet?). If you go in expecting a little Zeppelin and a little Sabbath, you won't be disappointed. It's also pretty fun, at 32, to bang your head with the kids for old times' sake.

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