Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Viva Voce at Bumbershoot

Viva Voce
As previously noted, I adore Viva Voce. It's so much fun for a raging feminist to watch Anita Robinson rock, especially when she has clearly worn her rocking shoes. Husband Kevin, on the other hand, forgot his sunglasses, but the crowd provided, demonstrating that Jackie-O glasses go pretty well with a beard. It could catch on. This post continues to devolve into Gawkery fashion badness because there's not much more for an amateur music fan to say about Viva Voce but that they rock a lot in a very good way, so I'll mention that Kevin was wearing a KEXP t-shirt, he said, demonstrating "local love." I know KEXP has an amazing blog, but so many of the artists at Bumbershoot thanked KEXP for "doing what they do", that I had to check them out. When I just streamed a bit, though, it was, ugh, reggae. Ugh. Still, the blog is great.

Viva Voce played nearly all the songs that I like, but if they played my favorite, "Eye in the Sky," I missed it because of the goddamn kitten booth. Really, it's pretty cold-hearted to put kittens out in plain sight when we have tight festival schedules to keep! They (Viva Voce, not the kittens) played a couple new songs, saying something about some sort of unmentionable unpleasantness regarding their upcoming album. They finished 'er up with "We Do Not Fuck Around," which wowed fans new and old alike, judging by the looks on the faces of pretty much everyone in the crowd.

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