Saturday, September 15, 2007

Nathanson Creek Merlot - 96

Fancy synthetic cork smells nice. Wine smells hard; just sniffing it warms my belly. Tastes somewhat vegetable, salty. Has that round feel -- makes me feel I'm rolling a bouncy-ball in my mouth.

I'll admit that after I've seen there's no date and it's (probably) made by Woodbridge, I've turned against it.

But it was good each time I re-opened it, all the way into September, and if I wanted a sure thing from the one I've had so far, this would be it.

Available for $8.63 a bottle with shipping online. Drank in late summer, 2001, when I'd only drunk about 20 wines. I'm not sure how I'd rate it now, 'cause I can't find it in stores any more, and I have trouble spending $8.63 a bottle for wine available in a jug.

This is the second post in a planned series to see if I can track down my favorite wines online, for stockpiling purposes. Previously:
2000 Salice Salentino - 100
1998 Hogue Syrah - 98

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