Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Twenty Music Blogs

The music section of my blogroll was out of control. Under normal circumstances, this would be a point of pride. My tastes are many and varied! But my CD burner is broken. This is doubly annoying because I bought my new laptop primarily because the CD burner in my old laptop was broken and my computer was chock full of mp3s. On investigating the problem, I realized that I had again bought a CD burner that literally has the word SHIT in its name. MATSHITA. Why would I do that. I would link them, but they have no web presence whatsoever except tons of very sad forum posters. MATSHITA knows their product is SHIT. So why would they have a web site to hear about it, now that they have your computer manufacturer's money? Grrr.

Anyway, a thousand blog posts a week offering at least 5 MB of music each is unsustainable when I can't burn the keepers onto CDs. So I'm looking for twenty blogs that, early on, mentioned the songs I listen to the most. Writing this also served to test what's best for finding music: Hype Machine, Google Blog Search, or Technorati. Hype Machine was best, but Google Blog Search was pretty good if I got my search terms right. Technorati just sucks. I remember it being great when I blogged a few years back. Now it seems like it's all MySpace "blogs."

Here are the twenty blogs with the earliest links to the music I've listened to the most since May:
1. You Ain't No Picasso
Feb 6, 2007: The Apples in Stereo - Stephen Stephen (Advantage: Hype Machine)
May 26, 2006: Boy Least Likely To - Rock Upon A Porch With You (Advantage: Google Blog Search)

2. The Catbirdseat
Dec 12, 2005: Blitzen Trapper - Crazy on You (Advantage: Google Blog Search)

3. A Plague of Angels
May 2, 2007: Viva Voce - Eye in the Sky (Advantage: Hype Machine)

4. Sixeyes
Sept 15, 2005: Devendra Banhart - Quedate Luna (Advantage: Hype Machine)

5. Smudge of Ashen Fluff
Feb 20, 2007: Winterpills - Broken Arm (Advantage: Hype Machine)
June 21, 2006: Viva Voce - We Do Not Fuck Around (Advantage: Google Blog Search)

6. Yeti Don't Dance

Mar 2006: Elvis Perkins - While You Were Sleeping (Advantage: Hype Machine)

7. Touch That Dial
May 18, 2006: Jens Lekman - Washing Machine (Advantage: Hype Machine)

8. Killed by Death
Apr 2006: International Q - Small Talk (Advantage: Google Blog Search. At this point, I gave up trying Technorati because not only are the results a disaster of idiotic MySpace blogs and useless track listings, but an ad obscured the search box. Sure, I could probably tweak Firefox to make that stop, but it's not my job to make their web site function!)

9. Resonator
June 2007: Cocorosie - Rainbowarriors (Advantage: Hype Machine)

10. I Rock Cleveland
Nov 2006: The Thermals Here's Your Future (Advantage: Google Blog Search)

11. Bradley's Almanac
Nov 2006: Daniel Handler - Scream and Run Away (Advantage: Hype Machine)

12. Dreams of Horses

Nov 2005: Tegan and Sara Walking With A Ghost (Advantage: Hype Machine)

13. Jonathan Coulton
Jonathan Coulton
Jonathan Coulton - Skullcrusher Mountain (Advantage: My magnificent brain)

14. Musica Social
Jan 2006: Ted Leo - Loyal To My Sorrowful Country (Advantage: Google Blog Search -- Hype Machine stopped working completely, as is its wont.)

15. That Sound
Aug 2007: The Shaky Hands - Soul (Advantage: Google Blog Search)

16. A Glass, Darkly
June 2007: Blitzen Trapper - Wild Mountain Nation (Advantage: Google Blog Search)

17. (((without sound)))
Sept 2006: Sufjan Stevens - To Be Alone With You (Advantage: Hype Machine, which decided to load again)

18. Mainstream Isn't So Bad... Is It?
July 2007: Outkast - Hey Ya (Advantage: Hype Machine)

19. Some Velvet Blog
Dec 2006: Avett Brothers - Matrimony (Advantage: Hype Machine)

20. Bedford Rockers
May 3, 2005: The Bees - I Love You

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John said...

Glad to be #5. :)

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