Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Ted Leo & The Pharmacists at Bumbershoot

Ted Leo & The Pharmacists
One unfortunate aspect of my Bumbershoot experience this year was parking. I've never driven to a Bumbershoot, but this year, getting to and from various destinations in time was an issue, so we had to find parking. The lot closed at eleven, and if you were late the penalty was extreme (like: sleeping on a not-very-clean-looking stoop downtown, or, shudder, learning the public transportation system of a new city when you're cold and exhausted). So we had to leave both nights at 10:20, just to be sure we made it to the garage with plenty of time, meaning that I missed the ends of both Ted Leo and Devendra Banhart. This wasn't too bad with Devendra Banhart, who was a little free-form with his set list, such that although it was good, I really didn't recognize most of what he was playing. But Ted Leo was playing stuff I know, stuff I love ("Bomb.Repeat.Bomb. (1954)"), and I was slowly recuperating from the Worst Headache Of My Life (WHOML) when his set started. Just as the megadoses of ibuprofen and pseudoephedrine (you damnwell cover your bases with the WHOML) kicked in and my pants really wanted to get up and dance to the "shred contest" the band members were challenged to by the audience, we had to leave.

I was loving it when we left, and I don't think it was just the proto-meth talking.

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