Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Tokyo Police Club at Bumbershoot

Tokyo Police Club
I've never seen a more energetic keyboardist or tambourine player than Graham Wright of the Tokyo Police Club. Their show at Bumbershoot this year was full of energy you could only get from a band of healthy, apparently teenage Canadians who probably couldn't legally drink before the show.

That said, Wright is destroying his voice. As both a rock fan and a woman in his mother's age range, I was simultaneously horrified and delighted to watch him do it. Have you heard of Modest Mouse, kiddo? That guy's scream used to be fantastic, too. I hope Wright gets himself a voice coach so he's still good live ten years from now. Coincidentally, while I was uploading my pictures from Bumbershoot, I was listening to an amusing bit of NPR's Fresh Air, featuring the author of a book called The Zen of Screaming: Vocal Instruction for a New Breed.

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